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Recoating service

This service is available for Germany only, Service for EU - customers on request

From “old to new” is sustainable, protects the environment and you save money!

SKK Recoating service

As with all everyday objects, your high-quality SKK surface sealing can show signs of wear over time. The prepared food sticks, the cookware is more difficult to clean and the non-stick effect decreases. This is a natural wear and tear process that is influenced by the age of the cookware and the intensity of use. However, there is no reason to dispose of or throw away your SKK cookware. Use our SKK recoating service and have your SKK cookware coated with a new SKK non-stick surface coating for a fraction of the new price!

The cost of recoating is € 29.90 plus shipping costs of € 6.90 for return shipping to you.

This is how it’s done:

Please place an order for your recoating sevice in our webshop.

Pack your SKK product that you want to have refurbished carefully and send it to the following address:

SKK Kuechen und Gasgeraete GmbH
Customer Service Recoating
Nettetaler Strasse 172-180
41751 Viersen

You will be responsible for the shipping costs for sending it to SKK. We ask for your understanding that we cannot accept parcels sent to us freight collect. Please send handles or handles as well!

Put an informal letter inside(!) of the package with the keyword recoating, your full name, your address and, if applicable, a delivery address if this differs from the billing address, as well as an e-mail address or telephone number where we can contact you may, at.

After receipt of your submission, we will send you an invoice for the new coating, which, like all orders via our online shop, can be paid in advance by bank transfer or PayPal.

Process of recoating:

The recoating service includes sandblasting your cookware to remove old surface finishes and dirt. The cookware is then in its raw state again. This is followed by a new coating with the high-quality SKK surface seal. Your handles or side handles are then reassembled. For production reasons, a 1:1 exchange of your cookware is not possible. This means that you will not always get exactly your cookware back, but possibly an identical, newly coated product. It can sometimes happen with older products that our molds/casting tools have been slightly changed in the meantime and you will receive a new model that may differ slightly as a new coating. In any case, you are always up to date.

Duration of recoating:
We endeavor to carry out your order for a new coating as quickly as possible. Nevertheless, there may be waiting times in individual cases, depending on the current situation in production. The processing time can therefore vary. On average we need about 8-14 days for a new coating.

New fittings:

We can also install new handles or side handles for you for an extra charge.
The surcharge is:
fixed SKK handle: € 4.90
detachable SKK handle: € 9.90
Side handle: €3.90 each
Please let us know in your letter if you wish to have new fittings installed, so that we can take this into account when issuing the invoice