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The only cookware you’ll ever need – versatile, durable, and perfect for any kitchen!



Discover the ease of cooking with our pans, which represent a revolutionary step forward in terms of weight and performance. Our high-quality aluminum pan bodies are not only lighter but also provide impressive heat distribution for perfect results with every dish. With our lighter pans, you can effortlessly prepare delicious meals without struggling with heavy cookware. Your hand will thank you as you effortlessly flip and toss dishes. And the best part is, the lightness doesn't mean compromising on quality. Our pans are durable, scratch-resistant, and ready for daily use. Enjoy cooking to the fullest without heavy pans affecting your culinary experience. The future of cooking is lighter than ever before!


SERIES 3 pans and pots are the ultimate choice for modern cooking on induction stovetops, offering numerous advantages that elevate your cooking experience to a new level. The induction-compatible thermo bottom ensures even heat distribution and maximum energy efficiency. This means your pan heats up in seconds, giving you precise control over the temperature. No more waiting around for the right cooking results. Their versatility, compatible with various stovetop types, including induction, ceramic, and more, makes them an indispensable kitchen tool. Experience the joy of cooking at a whole new level with our frying pans featuring induction-compatible thermo bottoms. Invest in quality and innovation for your kitchen and discover how easy and efficient cooking can be. Take the step towards better cooking results today!


Our products are designed to withstand the demands of today's kitchen, offering you an unbeatable combination of durability and performance. Our special coating system PROFESSIONAL S makes these products virtually indestructible. This means you'll achieve perfect results every time, whether you're searing meat, making pancakes, or cooking vegetables. Our pans are not only durable but also easy to clean. You'll save time in the kitchen and have more time to enjoy your delicious creations. Invest in pans that work as hard as you do in the kitchen. Our frying pans with extremely durable coatings are the perfect choice for discerning chefs. Get your kitchen ready for the challenges of modern cooking and experience the performance you deserve!


Our frying pans with detachable handles are a must-have for all cooking enthusiasts. Say goodbye to bulky pans that clutter your cabinet and take up space. With our innovative handles, you can now easily save space and make your kitchen more efficient. The detachable handles make handling our frying pans so much easier. Sear your favorite dish on the stove and then seamlessly transition to the oven to perfect it. No more compromises in preparing your meals. Our pans are not only practical but also crafted with the highest quality to support your culinary skills. Furthermore, the detachable design significantly simplifies cleaning. You can easily remove the handle and effortlessly place the pan in the dishwasher. No more dealing with large pans in the sink.


Explore even more creativity and convenience by using our high-quality glass lids and accessories for your cookware! Our glass lids give you the ability to keep an eye on your dishes while cooking without the need to lift the lid. The clear view of your food allows for precise control and perfect results. No more lifting the lid to check - save time and energy. Our extensive range of accessories is designed to enhance your cooking experience. The silicone tools enable professional handling in the kitchen. Expand your culinary skills and enhance the pleasure of cooking. Invest in glass lids and accessories that take your kitchen to the next level. Discover the versatility and convenience our products offer today, and enjoy every cooking experience to the fullest!


  • SERIES 3 – Cooking pot with glass lid

    86,90 92,90 
  • SERIES 3 – Rectangular roaster with glass lid

  • SERIES 3 – Sauce pan ∅18cm

    63,90 65,90 
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    SERIES 3 – Sauté pan

    59,12 68,72 
  • SERIES 3 – Shallow casserole with glass lid

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    SERIES 3 – Shallow frying pan

    43,12 63,92 
  • SERIES 3 – Wokpan, INDUCTION

    81,90 83,90 
  • SERIES 3 Special Edition – Cooking pot with glass lid

    88,90 94,90 
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    SERIES 3 Special Edition – Shallow frying pan

    48,72 56,72 
  • SERIES 3 Special Edition – Shallow casserole with glass lid