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Sauce pot with lid, orange

Art. Nr.: 12316O
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  • The carbon steel body offers outstanding thermal properties and allows you to work efficiently. This saves time and energy. The easy-to-clean surface coating guarantees ultra-easy handling and perfect cooking results. Moreover, the surface is extremely resistant and absolutely scratch-proof, even when used with hard and sharp metal objects.

  • Mehrwert Ideal für Suppen und Soßen
    Antihaftversiegelung Easy Clean - Emailliert
    Garantie in Jahren 2
    Durchmesser in cm 16
    Höhe in cm 7,5
    Gewicht in Gramm 1650
    Stiel 1
    Farbe Orange
    Form Rund
    Material Carbonstahl
    Deckel Ja
  • Ceranfeld

  • Elektroherd

  • Gasherd

  • Induktionsherd

  • Halogenherd


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