Series 3

Series 3 Titanium 2000 Plus Non - Stick LIGHT

Series 3 products are made of cast aluminum and feature our advanced non-stick coating Titanium 2000 Plus Non-Stick. The products are manufactured using the die casting process, which makes it possible to produce lightweight semi-finished bodies. This, in turn, makes them light and easy to use while providing all of the advantages of cast aluminum cookware. The exceptional thermal conductivity and even heat distribution all the way to the edges of the cookware guarantee energy saving cooking. What's more, the advanced non-stick coating lets you prepare all of your dishes with very little fat. Series 3 products meet all of the demands of modern, healthy cooking.

Non-Stick coating system

Universal, two-layer non-stick coating system. Corrosion resistance has been further improved in this enhanced version. Due to the overall performance and the good non-stick properties, the system is particularly suitable for daily use. 2 years warranty (according to our use- and care instructions).

Very good performance:

  1. Top-Coat
  2. Primer
  3. Specially prepared raw body


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