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sauté pan
28 x 28 cm detachable handle

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    • Made in Germany
    • Suitable for all cooktops, ALSO FOR INDUCTION
    • We recommend to clean this product NOT in your dishwasher
    • Optionally available with stainless steel handle or detachable handle
  • Benefit Suitable for induction; Optimum utilization of the roasting surface due to the angular shape; Ideal for vegetables, roasts but also flash fried meat and stews and especially for sausages and shashlik
    Coating system Titanium 2000 Plus Non - Stick
    Guarantee in years 2
    Length in cm 28
    width in cm 28
    Height in cm 8
    Weight in grams 2800
    Long Handle 1
    Side Handle 1
    Heat resistant up to 260°C
    Color Anthracite
    Shape Square
    Cover Optional

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