Free of PFOA

Recently, they have perhaps heard or read of healthy concerns caused by a substance calles PFOA. PFOA (PerFlourOctanoicAcid) is a material used in the production of PTFE (PolyTetraFluoroEthylene), the material that gives your cookware its anti-irritation.

PFOA? No problem for SKK cookware!

SKK assures you that our cooking utensils are absoloutely free from PFOA! The use of PFOA has been eliminated throughout the productions process. SKK cookware exceeds the requirements of the EPO an all European institutions. SKK says: No risk, no discussions, no compromises, SKK products are free of PFOA! For many years, only water-soluble coating systems, free from solvents, have been used in the production of SKK cookware. With the first -class processing and the high-quality materials, we offer you products that you should consider as a personal tool for a healthy diet. SKK cooking utensils can be recommended for allergy sufferers. SKK offers healthy and carefree cooking for everyone.

What happnes without PFOA?

Without PFOA…

  • our environment will benefit greatly
  • set a sign for more responsibility
  • Keep SKK non-stick seals as durable and scratch-restistant as before
  • will not change in funciton and application for our customers
* incl. tax, plus shipping