Free of nanoparticles

According to representative surveys, more than half of the German population know little about nanoparticles or nanotechnology. Nanotechnology of often referred to as the future technology of the 21st century. In the case of medicines or lacquers, however, this technology has already been used for decades.

Numerous products of daily use today contain components which habe been produced by means of nanotechnological processes. There is, however, no legal obligation to label these substances, nor does it apply to specific regulatory requirements.

Nanoparticles are defined as substances which do not exceed 10 nm (nanometer) in at least one dimension (length, height or depth). For comparison, a human hair has a diameter of about 80,000 nm. Because of their small sizer, nanoparticles have different specific properties than larger particles of the same substance.

However, the question as to whether nanoproducts pose risks to humans and the environment has not yet been clarified. Due to their small size and increased reactivity, nanoparticles can lead to increase health risks. In this case, it is assumed that the greatest risk of inhalation of nanofine particles originates.

SKK completely refrains form the use of nanotechnology in the production of our products, as long as the risk arising from nanoparticles is not clarified.

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