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Timeless and elegant cookware. Delightful dining.

Unlock the secret to quicker and easier cooking! Get your hands on our awsome pressure cooker and whip up delicious dishes in no time!

Accessories, suitable for your SKK – cookware

The induction series: proven quality in induction-capable design

The classic and versatile stainless steel series

The classic – further developed and with improved surface sealing

The robust and versatile series for everyday use – suitable for induction

Party Pans – Just great in their capacity and intheir versatility

The series for beginners in the kitchen – suitable for induction

We are always in the mood for food!

We don’t just produce cookware; we produce experiences. With cookware from SKK, every meal becomes a happy meal.

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Recoating – Service

SKK is one of the leading manufacturers of hand-cast cooking utensils worldwide. Numerous craft traditions are still used in production and many production steps are still being carried out by hand, but combined with modern high-tech processes. Throughout the history of the company, SKK has pursued one goal: to produce high-quality cooking utensils to ensure you enjoy cooking and excellent cooking results. We demand state-of-the-art technology to develop products that meet the contemporary lifestyle. A balanced and extensive product range meets every culinary desire in the modern kitchen.
Since 2020, SKK is DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 – certified.